Type of Label

Nearly all of our banana labels are really banana labels. This is because this is the catalog of banana labels. Nevertheless, there are other elements that are noted in this catalog.

  • Bananalabel: 99,9% of all labels
  • Bananalabel Set: For purposes of exchanging bananalabels it is useful to offer an entire group of labels and not each sticker individual. So one can upload a picture of a complete set of labels and offer it for trades.
  • Boxlabel: Here the discussion starts. Some stickers are not directly on the banana but on the banana box or at the plastic foil covering a banana bunch. Some of us collectors whish to separate banana labels that where not directly on the banana.
  • Qualitylabel: This is a banana lable, but has the purpose to identify the packing station or worker. It usually has got a color code or number and is not well designed .
  • Knockoff: This labels you usually find in China. They are produced by the seller at the grocery store store to sell branded products although the bananas are not. For example self printed Chiquita labels.
  • Wrapper: To keep the 5 to 10 banana labels in the groocey store together, sometimes a sticky tape / band is used. These wrappers can be well designed and are used in supplementary with a banana label
  • Misprint or Fruitlabel: This kind of labels are a problem. They do not belong into our catalog of bananalabels and should be deleted. But it is not a good idea to delete the discussion in the comments as well. The other day the label will be uploaded by an onther collector again. So we use this classification to identify the misprints, fakes and fruit labels. Better ideas to solve the problem are welcome and can be discussed in the forum.
  • Promotion Label: Some of us collectors have got own design labels or are designing labels for our meetings ("Bananacom"). So they are not bananalabels, but belong to the catalog. It is wonderful work.
    The additional advertising of movies on Chiquita labels are NOT promotion labels, this kind of labels are still a banana labels. However, the border is not entirely clear. What is a self of printed stickers of a small greengrocer who makes on a banana advertising for themselves?
  • Documentation: If you like to document differences between labels in a seperate grafic, than you can declare this grafic as a documentation.


These are many categries, but don't worry, most of our labels are simply banana labels.

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Mar 2015