How to search for a Banana Label?

If you have a banana label in you hand and like to know, if this label is already in the catalog of bananalabels, you have two got easy solutions, to solve it:

First you can search by the brand name. Usually you know the brand name, so you Search by Bands. Just type in some letters, for example it is enough to type in "del" to find all brands including the three letters. ("Del Monte", "Frutas del Sol", ..)

The second is to Search by Text. Next to the printed text on the label, you can also search by:

  • Text on the labels (includes foreign language or not-text flag),
  • Color,
  • PLU,
  • Country of Origin,
  • Motif,
  • Year of Issue

That means you can search for exampel for an yellow sticker with Asia letters. Or you can search a farmnumber or you can seach all labels with a palm tree in the motiv. If you have your result set, then you can branch via the DETAILS of the label to its catalog entry.

Video: Searching Labels

Last modified: 

Mar 2015