Adding A Bananalabel

We like to have the catalog complete. Since this can not be guaranteed by a single collector, all collectors are invited to add new stickers. Adding a label is therefore quite simple:
At each side of a catalog entry (Example) is a link "Add Banana Label". If you have the permission of a trained user, then a form opens to upload an image of the label. If you like, you can add the country of origin, the printed text, the year of issue and so on. After saving your changes, the banana sticker is added to the catalog. Done.

However, it is important that the sticker is really new. Before uploading, it is therefore necessary to search your label in the catalog.

  • Quite often it is cristal clear, to which banana brand a label belongs. Look right there (Table of Contents) and add your new variant. You will also find there a link to add a new catalog entry (i.g. brand), if you have a new bananalabel and even a new brand.
  • Alternatively, you can search for bananalabels by using the descriptions (Search). For example if you have got an Asian sticker, where the brand name is quite difficult to read. If you have found a label that fits to your new one, then you can branch from there to its catalog entry/brand.

That's it. In summary: Find the right catalog entry and click "Add Banana Label". For any further details check the documentation, including some tips on how you can add entire series quickly.

If you have any questions, please ask the forum.





Last modified: 

Oct 2015