Each banana label in the catalog needs at least one picture. It is not possible to save a new banana label without a picture. So the picture is very important! Because banana labels are usually small, please scale scans up to 300%.

You can use pictures in any format, however it will help to compare scans if they have got the same size.
Most of the pictures have following size:

  • Source: 26x35mm, 300%, 24bit color ⇒ 1 : 1.35 (normal label)
  • Source: 26x48mm, 300%, 24bit color ⇒ 1 : 1.85 (long label)
  • Source: 26x70mm, 300%, 24bit color ⇒ 1 :  2.70 (overlong label)
  • Source: 45x65mm, 300%, 24bit color ⇒ 1 :  1.46 (huge label)

You can upload as many pictures as you like. The first picture is used as the catalog picture. All following pictures are shown in a gallery and are for documentation only. Please add here all minor color variants, missprints or proof pictures.

Illustration: Uploading Pictures

In the EDIT mode of a bananalabel, you can move with the help of "✛" any picture into the first position. If you do not see the "✛" check at the top of the picture-upload frame if "Show row weights" is set (see right illustration).

Pictures from a mobile camera are not really welcome, but are better than not to document a new finding. If you see pictures in poor quality, try to get better scans (own scans or via facebook). Just to repeat it: Pictures are very important.

Last modified: 

Mar 2015