Verify Bananalabels

Despite great care, some sticker creep into our collection, that were not intended for use on bananas. A major challenge is to separate bananalabels from other fruit label and misprints. It becomes difficult, when fruit stickers were also used on banana (eg with PLU code Mango).

If you have found a bananalabel yourself, then you're sure, it is really from the banana. Please share this knowledge and certify the sticker in this catalog with 5 stars. If you are not sure, then check here what other collectors think about the label. So we keep the dubious label out of our collections and the quality high. 

The verification by checkmarks (✓):

  1. No, I don't think it is a banana label (Misprint, Avocado, ...). It should be removed out of the catalog of banana stickers.
  2. I doubt it is a banana label and want discuss it in the Dubious Labels. If someone rates a banana label with one or two stars, it means nothing else that he does not know anything about the label at all. No one of us can proove if a label was NOT intended for using on bananas.
  3. It could be a banana label. But to be honest, I've got no further information
  4. I know it is a banana label, but I did not found it by myself.
  5. I'm 100% sure it is a banana label, because I found the label on a banana by myself. I can garantee it.

As a registered collector, you can see who has verified a label. Labels with few or no verification you find at Verify Labels. Please tell us, what you know about it. Add a comment if you like to point to differences or add any other background information. If you find the sticker beautiful, you can like it and set it to the top of all nice labels.

You are invited and welcome to share your knowledge with us. Apply a user account.




Last modified: 

May 2019