Old Software

The catalog is now 8 years and 9 month old. It is a long time for a complex software like this with many functions. So it is outdated and it cost me a lot of time (and money) to keep it in the loop. Today I spend again about 4 hours because the provider said I need a new PHP version.

The 2022 Catalog in Numbers

The Catalog in Numbers

This is the catalog of all known banana labels. It is an incomprehensibly huge thing. Let's collect some numbers with data from today, the 3rd of January of 2023:

The Catalog is Huge

The Catalog is Huge

When you are new, the catalog is quite simple to keep the complexity low. But there are tons of functions and reports and background information when you want to dive deeper into the hobby of collecting banana labels:

Following examples:

Are any collectors in South East Asia?

South East Asia

We know we had this year many thousands of visitors at this catalog of banana labels from India, Thailand, Singapor and Indonesia. Who are you? Please get in contact with us collectors of the rest of the world. Many of us like to extend the collection with the wonderful banana labels from your country.

The Catalog is now for free

The Catalog is now for free

Now, 8 years later, I have to say that hardly no one wants to pay the IT costs for the catalogue. Since I don't want to ask any more, here's an official statement: The catalog is free for you, I'll continue to bear the anual costs of 720€ almost entirely myself.