Bananas are used not only as food

This fruit is suitable not only for satisfying hunger. For example, in Latin America, the inverted leaves of a banana plant are used as a raincoat or umbrella during precipitation.

Bananas have become in great demand thanks to Jules Verne

Jules Verne is known all over the world as the author of adventure novels, such as "20,000 leagues under the Sea" and "Journey to the Center of the Earth". Do you know what success he has achieved in popularizing bananas?

Bananas are infertile

The paradox is that, having an exceptional phallic shape, the banana known to us is itself deprived of a healthy sexual life. The bananas available to us in stores belong to the Cavendish subgroup, and their common feature is complete sterility. Wild bananas are a massive herbaceous plant that grows in the jungle.

Permissions at the Catalog

Permissions at the Catalog

We have different permissions at the catalog. For example we do not want that any anonymous user can delete banana labels in the catalog. If someone likes to add or delete labels, he does need an account (registered collector) and the account does need a permission to alter the catalog. That's the way it works.

Be a helping Member

Be a helping Member

When collecting banana labels a catalog of all known banana labels is quite essential. To build this catalog and to keep it up to date requires an immense investment. A catalog of this huge collecting area needs time & experience to add all the new labels at the right place and money to run on fast computers.