Banana Museum

It all started at one of the photographer's forums in 1972, when Ken Bannister, then a representative of the photo agency, handed out banana Chiquita stickers to passers-by. This was done, he said, for a noble purpose – to attract people's attention and make them smile.

Banana Label Types

Banana Label Types

Banana labels stick on bananas and that's our definition of banana labels. But when you look around in the supermarkets of the world, you will see different kind of banana labels. You can find for example wrappers to keep several bananas together. Or you will find bananas in plastic bags and the brand information sticks on this bags.

The Collectors and the Catalog

Fine Art
This catalog is something very special and it is completely intgrated in our hobby. You all know, we spend much time to organize our banana labels very well. We remove redundant entries, we try to find better pictures and like to have the descriptions complete. We check the details, meticulous work. Where are the labels from?

Our Place to Meet

Our Place to Meet

We take great care of our hobby and are friends in sharing banana labels. We treat each other with respect and fairness. This catalog is a peaceful place. To protect the harmony in our community and the joy of this hobby unfortunally some collectors are now excluded from this website. This article is to inform you about what has happend:


At Instagram are some very good pictures that show our nice litte labels. I like this pictures and wonder if we like to use them in the catalog. It would be an idea to copy the pictues and add them to the label in our catalog.