Banana variety-Blue Java. Advantages and disadvantages

Blue Java bananas are a variety of banana with a taste and texture reminiscent of vanilla ice cream. In addition to their interesting flavor, they are distinguished by the bright blue hue of their skin and creamy-white flesh.

Banana for every day

A supermarket in South Korea offered a package of gradually maturing bananas. South Korean supermarket chain E-Mart has launched an original packaging with bananas. It allows you to eat one perfectly ripe fruit every day, writes the portal AdAge.

Building up this catalog

At this place all known banana labels of the world were gathered and are exhibited with greate care and accuracy. I have not done it alone. But I feel the need to document what I have done. Just to let you know even if you are not interested in and for me to remember the development phase of this catalog:

Trade List requires 50 Helping Points

The catalog is for helping hands only. It is still too much work for me to keep the catalog up to date so in future the access to the trade lists is restricted and only for collectors who help.

Dole to send historic banana stickers to avid collector

Dole Food Co. will ship some of its collectible banana stickers to one of the world’s foremost collectors. The company is also planning to send samples of new stickers it prints annually to Becky Martz of Orlando, Fla., according to a news release.