Many labels have words written in a foreign writing system. For example in Chinese, Japanese or Arabic. This article collects some of them and gives a translation. You can use the foreign text via "copy and paste" in the search function of this catalog (search field in the upper right corner of this website) to find labels with this text.


I love covers. This are all covers of our new additions in the recent years. We did not have each month a new edition for some reasons, but quite often.

The Catalog in Numbers

This is the catalog of all known banana labels. It is an incomprehensibly huge thing. Let's collect some numbers with data from today, the 12th of March of 2020:

70-jarige verzamelde in 30 jaar tijd meer dan 21.000 Chiquita-stickers

Chiquita kwam onlangs in contact met de 70-jarige Becky Martz uit Florida, die al meer dan dertig jaar bananenstickers verzamelt.

Banana Varieties

The total number of cultivars of bananas and plantains has been estimated to be anything from around 300 to more than 1000. Names are highly confused, even within a single country.