Bananas are used not only as food

This fruit is suitable not only for satisfying hunger. For example, in Latin America, the inverted leaves of a banana plant are used as a raincoat or umbrella during precipitation. In the Philippines, there is a plant that processes plants for the production of agna fabric, from which various goods can be made, ranging from handkerchiefs to shirts. Two parts of the plant are used for the production of paper: the fibers of the stem and the bark. The fibers of the trunk are processed on an industrial scale, and the paper from the bark is used for artistic purposes.

In Central America, bananas have found even more extravagant use. The juice of a red banana is drunk before the supposed night of love, since it is believed that it contains an aphrodisiac. With the help of banana peel, water is purified, removing heavy metals from its composition. To do this, the peel is dried, crushed and poured into water or used in the manufacture of filters. Brazilian scientists at the Institute of Biological Sciences of the municipality of Botucatu came to the conclusion that in both cases, the metals peel off, sticking to the peel.

In addition, for more than a dozen years, banana coir has been successfully used in the production of modern mattresses. Coir is a fiber obtained from the dried leaves and fruits of a banana tree. It has a number of useful properties that are difficult to obtain using other materials.



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Jun 2021