The Catalog is NOT for free

Fee Distribution

What is a fair price for you to use this huge catalog, to know what duplicates are available in the world, maintain your collection and to be in this community? Last weekend and the following Monday I spend again a lot of time to restore the database of our catalog, because important parts of the table of contents where deleted accidently. I wrote many articles about 'this catalog is NOT for free', but with minor results. I still do not have a small benefit in doing all the work for our catalog and all the money I spend. I even have disadvantages because after all this work I don't have the time and fun to trade banana labels. 

So far, too many collectors do not give anything in compensation for what is build up here and what they use. There are few collectors who help in the annual cost to whom I would like to thank, but nevertheless, last year only 200€ of the necessary 720€ where collected and I paid the rest of 520€. I feel the need to change something. Too much time and too much money. 16,000 labels I have added and updated quite likely the same number of labels with bettter pictures or complete descriptions. The load of maintaining this catalog is not fair distributed.

Because I'm doing so much IT stuff instead of trading banana labels, I will ask for new labels that I need for my collection direct. So what I will do, is choose from your tradelist, because I have much less time to trade the labels like you have. That means, when in your tradelist the ADMIN is choosing labels, you are asked to pay your share and send a letter. I won't be greedy, but I won't want to do it for free to the detriment of my collection any more. I guess this is also fair for you, because the catalog and this community does help you. I also believe you feel much better, when you give something back of what you use.



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Jul 2021


I find it hard to believe

I find it hard to believe that only 9 out off 324 are helping Micheal cover the cost of the site. When I first suggested we help pay towards the cost of such a great Idea, I thougth it would be oversubsribed. How wrong I was.
I therefore think that there should be a yearly sub like other sites.Whatever happens I will help towards the cost because without it our great hobby will go to the wall, where else can you find so much information