Happy 10th Anniversary to our Online Banana Sticker Catalog!

10 Years BLC

A decade ago, we launched a platform that brought together a small but passionate community of collectors from around the world. What started as a simple archive for the colorful and often quirky stickers on our bananas has grown into a vibrant and diverse gathering place for over 500 enthusiasts.

The 2023 Catalog in Numbers

The 2023 Catalog in Numbers

This is the catalog of all known banana labels. It is an incomprehensibly huge thing. Let's collect some numbers with data from today, the 29th of January of 2024

В Твери живет коллекционер, которая собрала более 10 000 наклеек от бананов


У жительницы Твери Эльвиры Храповицкой весьма необычное хобби: она уже больше 30 лет собирает наклейки от бананов. Сейчас у девушки их чуть больше 10 000, она хранит их в шести фотоальбомах. У этого вида коллекционирования есть неофициальное название - фруксотитулофилия.

Banana Label Types

Banana Label Types

Banana labels stick on bananas and that's our definition of banana labels. But when you look around in the supermarkets of the world, you will see different kind of banana labels. You can find for example wrappers to keep several bananas together. Or you will find bananas in plastic bags and the brand information sticks on this bags.

Old Software

The catalog is now 8 years and 9 month old. It is a long time for a complex software like this with many functions. So it is outdated and it cost me a lot of time (and money) to keep it in the loop. Today I spend again about 4 hours because the provider said I need a new PHP version.