Sort Bananalabels

The banana labels in each catalog entry (brand) are sorted by:

  1. Label Type (e.g. Banana Label, Banana Label Set, Ads, ...)
  2. Country (asc)
  3. PLU (asc)
  4. Sortfield (asc)
  5. Shape
  6. Year of issue

The text on a banana label is not part of the sort criteria because it can not be garanteed that all words of the label are typed into the catalog in the same order ("Chiquita #4011 Ecuador" vs. "Chiquita Ecuador #4011"). The Sortfield is used to sort by textfragments on the label. I.g. this field contains the Farmnumbers. If possible, please leave this field empty.

We know, this is not the best solution, because one likes to sort by shape or color first. However, because due to technical reasons we want to keep it simple and are offering so far only this method.

The easiest way to separate labels is to put them into a new created catalog entry. For example, if you like to see all Chiquita labels side by side with the new designed open circe, then just create a new catalog entry "Chiquita: Open Circle Design". Add to this new catalog entry each label you like to see there by assigning an additional catalog entry in the details of a banana label.

Last modified: 

Apr 2015