Do you want to trade?

There are plenty trade lists of bananalabels on many webpages and it is very difficult to find them in the WWW or at Facebook. It is also annoying to click through hundreds of pictures, to consider again and again they are already in the collection.

How to trade?

To trade banana labels with the help of this website is quite straight forward. At each label you will find a flag "No duplicates" that you can change to "I trade it". If you have labels to trade with, just click this flag.

Share Your Duplicates!

Number of labels a collector does trade and are tagged with "I trade it":

   bertieboy (1,822)
   Tedoforo (193)
   PETER NIESSEN (8,161)
   michael (4,716)
   barbara (378)
   JoachimV (1,260)
   Jiranek (4,864)
   svgnn (2,149)
   Alex (259)
   llecha (295)
   Walter Ugalde (8,762)
   Hank Ankins (983)
   Елена276 (42)
   Nr_2377 (88)
   paolopaolo (29)
There are 22,011 different bananalabels available for trade.

Increase Your Collection!

Number of labels a collector does own and tagged with "I have it":

   Tedoforo (11,576)
   bertieboy (10,032)
   PETER NIESSEN (23,180)
   ol (12,281)
   michael (23,003)
   milos (818)
   JoachimV (3,346)
   Jiranek (14,881)
   Елена276 (325)
   Alex (2,342)
   Bucek48 (3,382)
   Hank Ankins (3,479)
   barbara (4,194)
   llecha (1,022)