Review Process

Our common goal is to create a high quality catalog with all known banana labels. At many places in the catalog there are opportunities to update the data of a banana label and share your opinion:

  • Certify a banana label
  • Check and update the description of a label
  • Add comments to point out differences and give background information to a specific label
  • Discussion the structure of the catalog in the forum

There is a special menu in the CATALOG that support the review process. There you can list all banana labels of an catalog entry with one particularly description field. For example the size, shape, country of origin, .... There you can set a flag "checked" to indicate, the field of the banana labels is checked. If you are in the review process, you can exclude banana labels, that are already checked.

Review Menu


Very experienced user are allowed to perform a bulk change of catalog entries. That means, if a catalog entry has grown and should divided in two or more catalog entries, than you can click on all the labels you want to move into a new catalog entry in one go.

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окт 2015