Your Personal Catalog

Each collector can add several personal information to a label. For some fields you need the user role "Collector" to have access:

  • Have it / I don't have it:
    A flag, whetger you have got the label or not. This is used for the tradelist where you will only see labels which you do not have.
  • Trade it / No duplicates
    A flag, if you have got extra labels to trade with. Collectors who do not have this label will see it on theire tradepage and can ask you for a trade to get this label.
  • Entrance date
    A date field, where you can document for you own, when you have received the label.
  • Source
    A text field of names to document, from who you have got the label. We think about a solution to add the default "Elvis"
  • Own Catalog Entry
    A text field to store a reference to your own collection. For example Gerry used somethink like G12-345, others a field of a Catalog Page 234/B. Peter using a reference to the envelopes with the duplicates.


Last modified: 

Май 2016