Catalog Entries

Each banana label must be at least in one catalog entry to be displayed somewhere in the catalog. Usually the catalog entry is the brand or trademark. Click "Onkel Tuca" to see an example. All existing catalog entries you find in the table of contents. You can provide a classification of the catalog entry ("Banana Grower", "Certification", Supermarket", ...) and a description of the brand. If you need a new catalog entry, just create it: At the bottom of the "Table of Contents" page you find a link to add a new catalog entry, with the following 3 attributes next to the titel.


Just the title of catalog entry, "Onkel Tuca" for example. 


  • Supermarket: The catalog entry of a supermarked like "Edeka"
  • Banana Grower: The catalog entry of a banana grower like "Chiquita"
  • Promotion: The catalog entry of promotions. For example the personal bananalabels from collectors ("Piabanana") or meetings ("Banancom 2002")
  • Certification: The catalog entry of the certification like "Fairtrade", "Rainforest Alliance",
  • Region: The catalog entry of a region where the banana is from, like "Ecuador", if there is no other brand name plausible to use.
  • Fruit Import: The catalog entry of the fruit im- or export company like "Caribbean Fruit Co."
  • Generic Label: All the rest like "Best price", "#4011", "Selected"


Enter here any background information about this catalog entry. Say for example something about the history of the brand, the motif or some general remarks about the label variants. This description is displayed on top of all the labels in the catalog entry.


The catalog has got a hierarchical structure of catalog entries. NFL is for example in a subordinate position of the Brand "Chiquita". Usually you put only a set of bananalabels into a subordinate position below the brand. Click "Catalog Entry" to see examples of the brand Chiquita.

99% of our catalog entries are on level 2 where the first level ist a letter in the alphabet of the first character of the brand name.

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