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This website is about collecting banana labels in a group of people around the world. We like to see new labels and available copys to trade. We want to have a high quality of our collection and verified labels. Sometimes we have a question or like to add a comment to a specific label. If nothing else is to do, we just "like" wonderful labels with tiny heards and enjoy the wonderful artworks. Only five clicks are necessary to do it all.

Fig.: Where to put your clicks?

1.) Click here, if you want to have this label. The label is added to your WANTLIST and your tradeparter will see it at his REQUESTLIST. You will find "✘" and "✔" only at the tradepages, when a collector has duplicates to trade with.

2.) When you already have got this label, then change to "I have it". Labels you have got are not displayed in any tradelist. That way you do not need to double check labels you already have. Reduce systematically large tradelists with many hundreds of labels by just this click. It is fun!

3.) That's all about. If you have got duplicates to trade with, please offer this labels to other collectors.

4.) Verify banana labels to be a banana label. Give 5 checkmarks (✓✓✓✓✓), if you found the label by yourself so you are 100% sure it is a banana label. Give only 1 checkmark (✓✓✓✓) if you doubt it is a banana label. Even 3 checkmarks (✓✓✓✓✓) will help, to show, you have no further information about this label.

5.) Like the labels. If you like a label, give 5 hearts (♥♥♥♥♥). If you do not like it, then just a single heart (♥♥♥♥). Build up your personal list of your favorite banana labels. All personal lists togehter are voting the outstanding labels of the whole catalog.


There are some articles in the ARTICLES section with further hints and a complete documentation in the ARTICLES/MANUAL part of this website. If there are any questions on how to use this catalog, please let us know and we will help.





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Jul 2016