Trading Banana Labels

We do collect banana labels and like to trade with other collectors from all over the world. All we need to identify the labels to trade with. To help, we have here in the catalog the Tradelist menu:

  • If you have a label, just click: "I have it" ⇔ "I don't have it". Labels you do have are not displayed in the tradelist. This saves your time in checking the tradelist next time.
  • If you have duplicates to trade with, just click: "No duplicates" ⇔ "I trade it". This label will be added to your tradelist.
  • Check all labels you are offering for trade (My Duplicates)
  • Check all the duplicates of other collectors, you do not have (New Labels for Me)
  • If you like to have a label then put it to your WISH LIST: "☐" ⇔ "☑"
  • This flag expires after 60 days ("☑" ⇒ "☐"). So take not too much time to complete the trade.
  • Remove the request "☑" ⇒ "☐" if you have the label in the mean time with the click in "I have it" or if you do not want the label any more by clicking "☑" ⇒ "☐""
  • If your WISH LIST is still empty, it is not shown at the Tradelist menu. This menu item will be shown when at least one label has got a "☑".
  • You see this label in your WISH LIST and who is offering the labels for trade. Send him an e-mail and ask, what he likes to get in exchange.
  • Wait until you see the REQUEST LIST of that collector in your Tradelist menu. The labels someone is requesting from you is in the REQUEST LIST. So, you have got the REQUEST LIST and the other collector has got the same label in his WISH LIST.
  • If the REQUEST LIST is empty it is not shown at the Tradelist menu.

And don't worry if your WISH LIST is getting smaller by magic. Probably your trade partner send to you the last copy of a label and changed the status of the label back to "No duplicates". In this case the label disappear from your WISH LIST.

Last modified: 

Apr 2015