Permissions at BLC

Permissions to work with the catalog

The catalog of banana labels (BLC) provides many functions. You can add new labels, update and sort the catalog entries, offer your duplicates or maintain your own collection. Every of this function has got links in the menue, additional tabs or there are some buttons to click. Because there are really a lot of functions, we do not show all the links, tabs and buttons to everyone but restricted on user permissions. So you can get familar with the catalog step by step. If you are registered and like to have more permissions, just ask the admin. We are very happy if many collectors care about the catalog and help to keep everything up to date.


Authenticated User

To create a new user account and register at the catalog you can do on your own. When you are registered at the catalog you are an "authenticated user" and you can start to use the catalog. For example, you can search banana labels and you can see all labels belonging together in an own catalog entry. You can verify the labels, like them or give a comment. Offer your duplicates and inform other collectors about the labels you like to get. Flag the labels you already have to reduce huge trade lists.

  1. More menu entries to search, verify or like banana labels. Special reports for labels being doubted to be banana labels.
  2. Window to chat with other collectors
  3. See similar labels or sets in one catalog entry
  4. Check who has got the label, who has duplicates, what verifications this label has got and how much the collectors like the labels
  5. Give a comment when you like to say or ask something about this label
  6. If you have a label change from I don't have it to I have it. Labels you have are not shown in the trade lists
  7. Like the labels. The best labels of a month are shown at Facebook and also we have a hall of fame of the most liked labels in the catalog
  8. Verify labels. Give one check mark if you know it is not a banana label and five checkmarks if you are 100% sure it is a banana label
  9. Change "✘" to "✔" if you like to get a label from a trade partner
  10. If you already have a label or if you do not collect this kind of label (i.e. misprints or to small variant) then click here to remove it from the trade list
  11. Check here who likes to get labels from you
  12. Check here which labels you like to get in exchange
  13. All new labels we have added are documentend in the New Additions
  14. Check in our flipbooks what the community has found each month
  15. We have collected tons of pictures. For example from our meetings and many other stuff. You can see them in our gallery.


Add Labels

This permission you need to add labes, change data of a label or to create catalog entries. Without collectors who are adding labels, this catalog would be incomplete. That means, all labels in this catalog are added by collectors having this permission. We hope many collectors are in this group.

  1. If you have a new variant that fit in this catalog entry, just add it
  2. Upload a good picture of your new label, add some other data to describe the label and SAVE. That's it to add a new label to the catalog


Edit Articles

We all like to read articles about our hobby. So far we have more then 50 articles, many of them are not ready. With this permission you can write own articels, proove read existing articels, continue the work of articles that are not ready (for example about the certifications or the name of the banana varieties) or translate an article.

  1. There you usually find our articles. But some articels are also added to the 'information' pages, for example the article that describes how to trade


Organize Own Collection

To organize an own collection means you can store some additional and personal information at the labels. Only you have got access to this information and no one else can read it.

  1. To store this information you have got an own reference area below the label
  2. Store here from whom you have got the label and since when it is in your collection
  3. Store here a comment. For example an own label ID or what ever you like
  4. There is a 'Thank you' list where you can see how many labels you have got from your tradepartners and when your last trade was


Premium Member With Special Content

To host this catalog cost money and I some collectos help (not enough). In principle we do not like to offer special content to the collectors who help, but we do expect that collectors who can help are doing it. So this content is rather a kind of thank you. You will find most of it in the Article section of this catalog

  1. Flip Books of the collection from Gerri, Leee Overman and some other important collections
  2. Statistic how many labels we have got from the different countries and what are the most liked labels of a country
  3. A nice statistic which motifs we have got and also how much the labels with this motif are liked
  4. The Hall of Fame with the most liked labels ever
  5. Tons of magazins we have collected over the time. You can read it as a flipbook or download the PDF.
  6. Check which brands 'steal' a design and are very similar. Many hundreds of twins are documented.
  7. Statistic how many labels we have added to the catalog each month


The list of functions of a special permission is not complete. It is rather to give you an impression on what we build up. You will discover many more. And BTW there are two more permissions. But this permission are only given to few selected user. This is the Admin permission to develop the catalog, block users or to grant permissions, check the database and to perform the necessary software updates. And then we have the Monitor Data Quality permission to check the data of the catalog and to do some bulk changes. For example to split huge catalog entries and to move many labels from one place to an other.

Any comments? Any questions?



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Jun 2019