A Quick Walk Through

This online catalog is a WIKI about banana labels. We want to have it complete and like to know everything about the labels and brands. And whatever is in the context of banana labels.
  • If you found a label in a store out there, search for it in the catalog. Use the table of contents of the catalog and search by brand name or search by any other criteria you found at the label: For example text fragments, PLU, country, color, size, shape, motif, etc.
  • If the labels is new add it to the catalog and press the button ADD BANANA LABEL
  • If you do neet a new catalog entry, because we do not have the brand or you have found a new set that you like to separate, then just create it. It is like a chapter in a book.
  • Certify labels to be banana labels. Check, what other collectors think about the label. Discuss dubious labels.
  • Add a comment to point out differences of new labels or provide any other background information about the brand, motiv or what ever. We like to read comments!
  • Be active, write down everything you know. You will find a place in the WIKI. Also a good idea is to write an article or create a picture gallery.

It is fun to trade labels and find letters from all over the world in the mailbox. This Banana Label Catalog provides a simple method to offer your duplicates and maintaining your own collection.

  • Build up your own collection and mark the labels you have got with "I have it"
  • Offer your duplicate banana labels for trades
  • See who has got a banana label you do not have and if there are duplicates available


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Jul 2019