Stop War!

So many collectors in Russia and Ukraine and all over the world. We are friends and treat each other with respect. We talk and trade banana labels. Please no war in our world. Ukraine is not Russia. It is a sad day.



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Feb 2022


A hug to all collectors and

A hug to all collectors and their families. I hope that Reason will triumph and Peace will soon return.


I am Ukrainian and live pretty far from a Russian border. But I had some missiles near my hometown and city next to it. I guess they have shot an airport 3 times during the war to destroy it. But we have air raid sirens pretty often, almost every day, but most of missiles get destroyed in air by our Air Forces.

To make it clear, this war has been going on since 1654. Its not something new to us. However, this is another hot part of it. Most of people outside Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania don't really see Russia as it really is. Russia has never been anything, but a dictatorship and an Empire. They did spent ages and tons of money to appropriate next by cultures and staff like this.

Due to the last polls, over 71% of Russians support a war, the rest don't really care. So peace with Russian is not possible. Because Russia itself doesn't really care what is written on a paper.

We had a Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances, between Russia and Ukraine signed in 1994. In short: We give all nukes to Russia and they won't touch our borders. US and UK were the ones who had to control this. But in fact Russia started to play right after it, in Crimea (Tuzla conflict). Than in 2014 and they stole Crimea and created 2 puppet states on Ukrainian territory to have a proxy war with us. And since they were not able to control Ukraine they finally invaded in 2022.

I say they, because it not who drop bombs and shoot missiles. Not Putin who kill civilians and loot stores. Regular Russians hate us, or see us as they younger brothers. The problem is in Russian mentality and in fact, that they have never been responsible for war crimes they did. Unlike Germans, for example.

Unfortunately, peace will be only possible when Russia lose the war and take all its troops and body bags back to Russia.

Hi L.

Hi L.

thank you to give us collectors news on what happens in the Ukraine.

We have seen pictures in the TV of bombing the airport in Lviv, which is very close to your hometown. Same horrible pictures from Kiew, Maripol, Odessa and many other cities with destroyed residential areas. This has nothing to do with protecting minorities against Nazis, as Putin said. The Russians are killing people, tear families apart, destroy houses and cause suffering. Many millions of refugees. This is an aggressive war in a foreign country.

Everybody wants to stop the Russians doing this. The problem is, Germany can't deliver weapons to Ukraine that are easy to use by untrained men, because they don't exist. And to use the high tech equipment by professional soliers from the Nato, EU or US will lead in WW3.

The 'only' thing we can do is to stop doing business with Russia. But this is sadly a long run, because 40% of our energy we get from Russia today. If we stop this right now and close our industry, stop earning money for food and switch of the lights is suicide. We will much more suffer then Russia and most likely we can't hold out for long time. But we will go this way as quick as we can. Any company doing business with Russia are boycotted by the Europeans, because they support murders. Russia will have much less money to spend in weapons, education, infrastructure or culture quite soon.

I guess, many people in Russia do not know the situation in detail. I heard, the independet newspapers don't exist any more. And opposition politicians and reporters are killed by poison or are in prison for many, many years. People who are demonstrating against the war are arrested. So, what I like to know, what the Russian collectors know about the war.

Hello, again. Sorry its after

Hello, again. Sorry its after a month, but I don't really feel a need to visit all my socials from time to time as often as I did before a war.
The life has changed, especially with bananas. Before the war bananas were around 0,50-0,60 EUR in summer for a kilo and around 1-1,3 EUR in winter for a kilo at max. But right now our ports are blocked and the seas are mined by russians. As far as I know all bananas we have are mostly from Poland, so its additional price and right now they are 1,5-2 EUR for a kilo. Mb in future we gonna use some Romania/Bulgarian ports as well.
But I still visit local markets to look for new labels.

I just wonna tell you a thing. Russians are not so scary and so called the 2nd army in the world. Most of their soldiers are war criminals and terrorist. And their people support it. Yes, they can destroy cities and murder civilians, but they won't get it.

Its true, that they don't have a free media, but they have free internet so far as we do. And most of them know what is happening.

Hi, good morning L.

Hi, good morning L.

for me it is very important to read or to hear from you something. So please: you and all the other friends in Ukraine, please say something, we want to keep in touch.

We know it is a very, very dangerous situation you live in. And also the situation here is turning bad. The business is going down und the price for goods and fuel increase dramatically. But at least, our live is not in danger.

In our democratic world in a free Europe, we would not elect a president who commands to kill & torture old people, children and woman or is separating the country from Europe. Our Foreign Minister said: "We will never do any business with Russians again in our live". The Russians also destroy their own future.

It is strange that the Russians are so quite. As far as i know, they do not say anthing to us collectors. Maybe because it is not allowed. But I think, it will help if we know who support the war and who certainly distance themselves from it.