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September 2018


October 2018


Claus V. (2018-09-19)

The label is from it is from the time where Great Britain used what they refer to as old money Pounds, Shilling and Pence (£SD)
This was used before they went decimal ( 100 pence = 1 pound). There were 12 pence in a shilling and 20 shillings, in a pound.
So the price tag says 3/6 (three shillings and six pence) equal to about 16½ decimal (modern) pence.
I have looked up the history and it turns out the transfer to the new decimal system happened 15 feb 1971 so the label is before this time and not from the late 70'ties as originally assumed. I have changed the age correspondengly

Claus V. (2018-09-17)

Agree on the background but as you know all of these labels were in a frame with a fixed background. I received teh permission to remove the frame and glass but it was not an option to change the background.

michael (2018-09-17)

I'm very happy to see the labels we collectors have found somewhere in the world. To do it the best way, we should keep in mind:

  • Choose 300dpi at the scanner, so all of the details are visible
  • Show the label complete and do not cut edges.
  • When possbile crop the picture to 300px × 405px (⇒ 1:1.35)
  • Choose a nice background paper. Because many labels have got a white border they are partly invisible on white background. And also a red background is not the best choice, because it is too dominant. So please choose a modestly brown or yellow background paper.

I guess, it is not much additional efford to scan the labels this way instead of the other. Isn't it?

bananacarril (2018-09-16)

This one was found in Norwich, UK in the late 1970s.

bananacarril (2018-09-16)

There are many variations of these rare old price labels. They were in use in the UK in the 1970s and later.

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