SCB: 2015 - Snoopy

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Brand Classification: 

  • Banana Company

There are three sets from different countries

  • Spain: SOLO EN CINES
  • Portugal: NOS CINEMAS
  • France: LE FILM


November 2015


November 2023


snoopy (2017-10-16)


elvisvelez (2015-12-17)

Hey collector friends! Need all versions...

Michael (2015-11-22)

You are right: Done. I added the Country name in the SORTFIELD. Taht way the 5 labels of each country are together. But - so far - we are missing 2 labels from Portugal


PETER NIESSEN (2015-11-22)

Let's put all languages together!

Michael (2015-11-22)

OK, thanks.

We have French in a separate catalog entry:

PETER NIESSEN (2015-11-22)

Not 100% correct. SOLO EN CINES is spanish. NOS CINEMAS, is portuguese. Wonder if there are more languages?

Michael (2015-11-22)

There are to sets in Spanish. They differ in the last line:


PETER NIESSEN (2015-11-20)

It seems, these labels exist in different languages.

Michael (2015-10-29)

Of course not! This catalog should be easy to use and if there are obstacles I like to get feedback to make it easy.

There are two buttons: At each catalog entry is an "ADD BANANA LABEL". This button you have used so I assume there is no question. And in the index (Table of Contents) is a second button "ADD CATALOG ENTRY" if you like to add a new brand or a new set of banana labels.

That's it. How to move a banana label from one catalog entry into an other or how to show a banana label in two catalog entries, well, this we discuss later ...

The most important thing for us collectors is to see the new banana labels of each country. And this you are doing, so thank you!

Laurence (2015-10-28)

No but i don't manage to remove and put in lejeu fruitiere!
And i don't find the Add banana label buttom anywhere, am i stupid tonight?;-)

Michael (2015-10-28)

Does this set belong to Bouba?

Michael (2015-10-28)

@Laurence: You can add a new catalog entry in the "Table of Contents" if you need an own space for this set. Just take a name you like and rename it if you do not like it after a while. You can't do anything wrong.

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