Turbana: Healthy Communities

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  • Banana Company


September 2015


October 2017


bertieboy (2017-02-21)

I think one copy only needed

bertieboy (2016-03-29)

The QR codes are used once so every label will have a different number. The same as the Freddy Fyffes
Perhaps it would be better just to record one copy otherwise we will get bogged down. What do you think?

Michael (2016-03-28)

Different QR code ...

PETER NIESSEN (2015-09-13)

I have got this label, but with different number under the QR-code. I think it is not worth to scan it, because, probably, each label has a different number.

Michael (2015-09-13)

Yes Turbana. You need only scan the QR code. Thank you Rikit for sharing this finding!

PETER NIESSEN (2015-09-12)

Turbana !

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