BananZÓR: 2015 - Russian Slogan

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Brand Classification: 

  • Banana Company

2 sets:

  • Ecuador at the bottom
  • Ecuador at the left side of the label


December 2015


October 2023


michael (2019-11-03)

Seen by a friend in Taschkent / Тошкент / Usbekistan

michael (2019-02-24)

Found this set today in Quito / EC on bananas

Michael (2017-07-15)

Seen on red bananas, a picture is added in the details.

Michael (2016-03-30)

This is a new set with the PREMIUM BANANAS at the bottom.

Elya (2015-12-15)

Translation from Russian:
1) Green: "Energy for you"
2) Blue: "Lots of smiles - no stress"
3) Pink: "For a healthy heart".

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