Bananas are important for Hindus

We all like to eat delicious bananas, but for Hindus this fruit means much more. Female evil spirit Pontianak (in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan it is called Churel) it lives among plants, including banana trees. It is worth noting that, despite the generally accepted name "banana tree", this plant is not a tree as such. For the first time, this spirit was invented in Malay mythology, describing Pontianak as a woman who died during pregnancy or from bullying by relatives. Hindus believe that Churel can return to avenge himself on men. According to another version, she attacks pregnant girls, tearing the fetus inside them.

This story with the mention of bananas is really terrible, but they are also present in the more positive beliefs of Hindus. For example, kadali or banana tree are considered symbols of the goddesses Lakshmi and Parvati. The tree symbolizes Tatva Jhana, which means age-old wisdom, and its leaves are synonymous with tranquility and peace.



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июн 2021