Do you want to trade?

There are plenty trade lists of bananalabels on many webpages and it is very difficult to find them in the WWW or at Facebook. It is also annoying to click through hundreds of pictures, to consider again and again they are already in the collection. And - on top - it is hard work to keep the tradelists up to date and remove outdated pictures.

You need not to do it! With the new platform it is very easy to maintain your trade list. As a registered user you will find the banana labels similar to the ones in the left picture. Just click on I don’t have it, if you have got the label, then the text will change to I have it, which means, you have got the label. Easy, only one click. If you offer it for trade, click on No duplicates to change it to I trade it. Change it again, if you run out of duplicates of this label. That’s it. With these two clicks you have got your own trade list to share with all the other (registered or not registered) collectors.

Just check it out, use for not registered users: (of course with your UID, for your tradelist). If you are registered, you will see all users-names, who have got new labels for you anyway. Isn’t that great?

If you do it the first time, you will see some hundreds of labels, I do offer for trade. As a registered collector you can change the flags to I have it and then reload the page. You will see this trade list without the labels you have got. That way, you reduce the huge list to only what you need. It is fun! You will never see the labels you already have got in the duplicates any more. Neither from me nor from all the other collectors who will offer this label for trade in future. And if you have some duplicates too, add the second click to I trade it in one go. 

As a registered collector you will see only the duplicates you do not have AND who is offering them for trade. Your are invited to join the community, please register at:

Have fun!


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Jul 2016