De Kataloog

Wi meent, dat dat meist 30.000 ünnerscheedliche Opklebers geben deit. De sind aver över de ganze Weltin enkelte Sammeleen verdeelt. Gerri Lorenzo weer de Erste, de dormit anfungen hett dat ganze in een Kataloog tosamen to faten. Mit disse Siet wüllt wi dat nu wieter maken un dat ganze so nah un nah tosamen to drägen un tosamen wieter to plegen un vör to stell'n. Jedereen de sik hier anmellt hett, drööf dorüm siene Bananenopklebers hier rin stell'n.

Since almost all of us collectors have different sorting criteria, we have to agree on a structure of this page to a common approach.

The methodology used here sets the sticker into a hierarchy that begins with the brand. For example, the brand "Chiquita" has got a subordinate catalog entry "NFL" for all NFL stickers from Chiquita. New catalog entries are easy to add. Brands and their current hierarchy you can find here.

When asked what is a new banana label, this page takes a knitted approach: When the label clearly different in form, content, typography or color. In case of doubt, therefore, it is always not a new sticker and should be assigned as an additional image to the most similar sticker. We do not like all the misprints of a copy shop and document their process to produce a banana label.

Many images are still in poor quality and are from the beginning of the internet where storage was expensive. If you have got a picture of the label in higher quality, please upload it and provid us with a new catalog image. If you find errors, missing descriptions, misprints or fakes update the catalog. Please verify stickers to be banana labels and improve the quality of our new catalog step by step. There is a lot to do. We need the help of every single collector. Please join us!

Happy collecting and enjoy

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Jan 2018