Special Trade Flag

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At your own duplicates you can add the SPECIAL TRADE flag to indicate that you like to discuss about the compensation to trade this label. But due to my low skills in programming this flag is shown for all collectors. That means, when one collector does set this flag but an other not, the flag is shown at both trade lists. The trade lists are a very complex part of the programming and I can't solve it. There is no way for me to show the red special trade flag only at the label of the collector who has set this flag. 

The problem now is, that some collectors use this flag very, very often. They set this flag to all PHIL labels, to all MX labels and to all labels that are older than 10 years. Too many labels are now red marked as special trade labels. About 4,000 special trade labels in the list of 19.500 labels. But this was not intended. When everything is highlighted as special trade than nothing is special trade any more.

We have much too many special trade labels at the moment. To fix the problem I set an expiry dated for this flag. That means after 6 month it disappears automatically. So, when you negotiate a trade, please check if the trade is in the right balance and if you like to discuss some rare labels, then set this flag. After the trade - that means after 6 month - this is label is not highlighted as a special label any more.

To enable this, I had to delete ALL existing flags, because they did not have so far a date of expiry. Sorry that I can't fix the problem in the computer program and implemented the expiry date as a work around to keep the number of special trade labels low. Do you understand what I have changed? Any questions? You know what to do?

Clear as a bell,I agree it

Clear as a bell,I agree it was getting out of hand and I believe putting collectors off.