Delete a 'Catalog Entry'

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When a catalog entry is deleted an undo is impossible. In the past it happened two times, that many catalog entries where deleted accidently and causes a lot of work to restore the data from backup files. You can imagine, we do not pay for any IT specialists who do have the skill.

This weekend we were incredibly lucky to find a backup. That was pure coincidence. We did not noticed it quick enough and new backup files where created overwriting the old ones we needed in the mean time. But - at least - we have one with our catalog entries. Some data are lost, because we had a backup from Saturday 18:00 and everything you have done until Monday morning is reset.

To add manually the catalog entries of 1,200 'Dole Visit' labels or the 11,000 labels below the root 'C' with all the 'Chiquitas' would be terrible and I guess the dead of the catalog. So, from now only collectors with the permission 'Monitor Data Quality' can delete a catalog entry. I hope this collectors double check what to delete.

If you need a new catalog entry, than just create it. There is no need to be perfect, because a catalog entry is only a container to add labels that do not really belong in one of the existing catalog entries. For example new brands or new sets. You can change the position in the table of contents or rename it much later at any time. So there is no need to delete any new catalog entry once you have decided to separate new labels.