The Structure of the Catalog

The Catalog of Banana Labels has got a table of content (catalog entries) similar to the chapters of a book. For example, you would expect all "Onkel Tuca" labels in a catalog entry with the name "Onkel Tuca". For many reasons, it could be necessary to add to a catalog entry some subordinate catalog entries. The current structure of the catalog and all known brands you will find in the Catalog.


In this example you can see some Onkel Tuca labels, a short description of this brand ("Onkel Tuca belongs to AFC") and a classification of this brand ("banana grower" in delineation to the brands of supermarkets and certifications). In the Catalog you will find a subpage with the redesigned labels ("Ben Cartwright Relaunch 1995"). At the banana label page of the Onkel Tuca banana label from Costa Rica you have several information (size of the label, comments, country, date of issue, etc.).

Last modified: 

Mar 2016