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Brand Classification: 

  • Banana Company


Febrero 2016


Julio 2021


PETER NIESSEN (2023-10-28)

The Canary Islands are starting to produce blue bananas. It is said, they have a taste reminding to vanilla.

PETER NIESSEN (2021-10-30)

This label has been issued, to support the island of La Palma (Canary Islands). Almost 5 weeks ago, a volcano broke out, and is destroying houses, companies, roads packing sheds and a lot of banana plantations. Since then, the lava and the ash haven't stopped yet.

PETER NIESSEN (2021-04-26)

Thia labels has been issued for the World Children's Day.They give one free banana to evey child who visits the Auchan stores on the Canary Islands this day.

PETER NIESSEN (2020-09-30)

This label was printed for the start of the new school year, It was sticked to bananas which were distributed at the schools of Tenerife (Canary Islands).

Zabava (2020-09-30)

I didn't realize it was the same label, I thought it was rectangular:-(

PETER NIESSEN (2020-09-30)

This label is already in the catalog. But your picture is much better, so I will delete the one I had added.

PETER NIESSEN (2019-11-15)

Got this label, when visiting the Company in Tenerife.

PETER NIESSEN (2019-06-02)

Background; flag from the Canary Islands

PETER NIESSEN (2019-04-09)

Carnival promotion for Tenerife (Canary Islands)

PETER NIESSEN (2018-09-15)

Back to school campaign. Local promotion in Tenerife/Canary Islands.

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