Old Software

The catalog is now 8 years and 9 month old. It is a long time for a complex software like this with many functions. So it is outdated and it cost me a lot of time (and money) to keep it in the loop. Today I spend again about 4 hours because the provider said I need a new PHP version. Unforntunally this new PHP version was not compatible with other parts of the software from about 9 years ago.

The 'advance search' with the text combined with the other features does not work propper, to create new catalog entries has got problems and today we lost pictures of the banana labels, but I was lucky to fixed in the 4 hours. Each update is a very high risk and it takes a lot of time to test and to fix the problems.

So what I want to say, be aware that the catalog could be closed. I do not see a personal benefit in reprogramming many functions with current software and spend so much money.




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Mar 2023


Update: I spoke with the

Update: I spoke with the provider and they offered me to 'freeze' the PHP version, so I do not need to use the current ones. But they charge me with additional 8€ a month. So I pay (for us) now 720€ + 96€ = 816€ each year.