The Collectors and the Catalog

Fine Art
This catalog is something very special and it is completely intgrated in our hobby. You all know, we spend much time to organize our banana labels very well. We remove redundant entries, we try to find better pictures and like to have the descriptions complete. We check the details, meticulous work. Where are the labels from? When they are released? Is the size different? And everything should arranged accurately. It is a positive experience to use the catalog and to see the labels in best condition. This is a common platform for nearly all  collectors of banana labels. We love to use it and to meet other collectors or to see what has been found somewhere else in the world. 
To collect banana labels is really something special and the catalog does reflect it. Have you seen how nice the labels look at the smartphone? The presentation of our labels is art itself. A very neat presentation of what we collect.  It is pure and simple. This is the best catalog of banana labels you have ever seen.

What you see does need soft- and hardware You can not run the best catalog you have ever seen with cheap software on outdated computers. So we have to pay money to use IT infrastructure. You are asked to help in the cost, because I do not want to pay for everybody. That means, this nicely designed online catalog it is not for free. I guess it is not going to far, when you help to keep the catalog up to date AND when you help a little bit in the cost. That way we all have maximum fun in our hobby of collecting banana labels and to meet all the collectors in the world at this place.
Please support the catalog, I don't want to bear all anual costs of 720€ alone and do most of the work to keep it up to date. Please get in contact with me to find a way how to help.



Last modified: 

Oct 2020