The Catalog is NOT for free

The Catalog is NOT for free

When we started the catalog, I rented a small environment of computers to use it with this content management system. I was suprised when the catalog and the number of collectors was growing that we need a much more professional technical infrastructure. Something you can't operate by yourself. All the details of this story are described in an article in the article section of this catalog. It is about computer hardware, disk space & databases, licences, firewalls, data transfer into the world wide web and monitoring of applications. You also will be surprised how big this catalog is. The article is quite technical, but at the bottom line there are the 720€ we have to pay each year.

I do not want to make any money with the catalog, but I also do not like assume all costs. The collectors who use the catalog for the hobby often or the collectors who support the idea of a common catalog of all known labels are asked to help.

The following collectors help in the cost and are identified by the gold medal. They have premium access to additional content like magazines, new editions (flipbook), statistics, the hall of most liked labels, the hall of stolen designs (twins), further galleries and many, many more.

   Martin S

Thank you very much! This outstanding collectors help in the cost that really exists. When not enough money is collected I have to pay the difference to the 720€

  • In 2018 428.00€ are taken by Michael
  • In 2019 312.37€ are taken by Michael
  • In 2020 520.00€ are taken by Michael

If you are not on the list and are able to help, please devide the 720€ by the number of collectors who help so far plus 1 to know your share. When the next anual fee is arising, you can recalculate and we all hope more collectors are added to this list in the mean time.



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Ene 2021


Have a nice Sunday.

Have a nice Sunday. Congratulations on the Catalog. What are the ways to make a financial contribution to the Catalog? In anticipation I send cordial greetings. Tedoforo (Gian Pietro Satriano)
Buona domenica. Complimenti per il Catalogo. Quali sono le modalità per dare il contributo economico al Catalogo? In attesa invio cordiali saluti. Tedoforo (Gian Pietro Satriano)