Banana for every day

A supermarket in South Korea offered a package of gradually maturing bananas. South Korean supermarket chain E-Mart has launched an original packaging with bananas. It allows you to eat one perfectly ripe fruit every day, writes the portal AdAge.

Bananas are Packed according to the degree of ripeness. The package contains six fruits, ordered from very green to Mature. You should eat one banana a day, since each of them reaches the necessary condition exactly in a day. First, the ripest fruit is eaten, then the next one ripens; by the end of the week, the greenest fruit in the package will have ripened.

Thus, E-Mart solved the problem of too ripe and unripe bananas for customers. Previously, there was a choice: either buy ripe fruit, which soon turned black, or green, which should still lie down and ripen.

The idea was appreciated by both buyers and marketers. Although users of social networks and advised the supermarket to replace the plastic packaging (and just sell branches with bananas of different ripeness). There were also questions about the number of fruits in the package: why there are six, and not seven (as the days of the week). This was explained by the fact that Koreans work six days in a row, and on their only day off they do not have time for fruit.

This idea has been implemented by the company Frui!

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Mar 2020