The 2023 Catalog in Numbers

The 2023 Catalog in Numbers

This is the catalog of all known banana labels. It is an incomprehensibly huge thing. Let's collect some numbers with data from today, the 29th of January of 2024

  • Number of labels we show in the catalog: 44,058
  • Number of banana labels in the catalog: 39,577 (without personal promotions, rejected labels, wapper, inspection labels, fakes, boxlabels and so on)
  • Number of brands: 5,880
  • Number of catalog entries in the table of contents: 10,552 including all sets of the 5,880 brands
  • Oldest label shown in the ctalog: 1913 - Packlabel AFC
  • Oldest banana label with glue shown in the catalog: 1931 - Banana Label Meloripe
  • Age of the catalog in years: 9 (June 2014)
  • Number of galleries showing collector meetings, collections, banana boxes and other funny items: 195
  • Number of articles that explain certain aspects of the collection area like PLU codes, banana label types, how to store duplicates or - very important - how to use the catalog and how to add / scan banana labels: 177
  • Number of banana label related magazines: 29 (The Banana Label Gazette, Completely Bananas, ...)
  • Number of countries we have banana labels from: 104
  • Maximum number of labels from a country: 13,034 (29,6% from Ecuador)
  • Moste liked labels: Macondo, Jacko, Fast
  • Number of motives documented and use in the search: 242
  • Motive used at most liked labels:  Kangaroo, Covid-19, Knight
  • Most used motive: URL & E-mai (6,916)
  • Motive 'Miss Chiquita' at different labels: 4,826
  • Number of different FLO-IDs: 270. Banana farm with FLO-ID 1538 from EC has got the most different labels with 22.
  • Number of collectors that are registered: 460
  • Number of countries this collectors are from: 50
  • Number of collectos having a list of duplicates: 111
  • Number of different labels that are available for trade:  25,539
  • Number of collectors using the catalog each day (via login): 18 to 25 (estimated)
  • Country with the most collectors:  Russia (64), EC, (49), CR (47), USA (43)
  • Most collected label: 44 collectors do have the Derby from 2011 followed by the ИМПЕРИАЛ from 2012 with 42 collectors
  • Maximum number of labels added a month: 962 (July 2019)
  • Average number of labels added a month: 312
  • Number of labels released in 2023: 2,029 (169 each month)
  • Number of labels added to the catalog by the admin:  17,119
  • Average number of helping points needed to keep the catalog up to date each month: 4,500 (estimated)
  • Number of collectors with helping points for adding information to the catalog this month: 5
  • Permissions at the catalog: Add Labels, Maintain own collection, Premium content, Helping member (Former permission to open the trade lists, when having earned enough helping points)
  • Number of pictures of all labels in the file system: 63,845
  • Size of the data base: 2,2GB (catalog data: description of the labels, verifications, ownership, tradelists, ...)
  • Size of the web space: 18,10GB (IT, pictures of the labels, articles, ....)
  • Number of files in the web space: 235,586
  • Cost for hosting the IT infrastructure in 2023: 720€
  • Cost for the catalog since creation of the catalog in 2014: 11,700€ (estimated)
  • Number of collectors who support the admin of the catalog by sending banana labels in 2023: 4 (Oleg, Piero, Klement , Martin)
  • Number of banana labels that are send to support the admin of the catalog in 2023: 45 (estimated)
  • Collectors helping in the cost: 1 (Peter)
  • Number of articles written about the IT cost, doing the IT stuff and the enormous amound of work to keep the catalog up to date and that the admin would like to have a benefit from collectors using the catalog: 19

Are there any other statistic you like to know? Please feel free to comment this numbers. Did anything surprise you? Do you have feedback?



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