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March 2019


March 2019


Zabava (2020-10-21)

Flo-ID in one line

michael (2020-09-03)

The new variant is 29mm instead of 40mm. I guess the labels with the ® inside of the Fairtrade box are the small ones.

PETER NIESSEN (2019-12-04)

Docu added (from Elvis)

velez (2019-11-10)

Asociación de Pequeños Productores de Banano Orgánico de Montenegro Valle del Chira Sullana (APPBOM).
It is from Peru.

velez (2019-11-09)

Cooperativa Agraria ASPRAOSRA LTDA. It is from Peru.

michael (2019-10-23)

Some pictures are added that show the labels on the banana in a shop of Delhaze. As you can see, there are labels on the front and back sides at the same time…

Thank you Déborah to send the pictures.

michael (2019-08-02)

I've done some Photoshop work. So you can see the differences. For example the 7 with the bended and the straight line.

PETER NIESSEN (2019-08-01)

Different Font for 27710

PETER NIESSEN (2019-08-01)

Different Font for 21883

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