Rosy: Costa Rica

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Brand Classification: 

  • Banana Company


September 2018


September 2018


Jiranek (2023-03-23)

Version 2023 large ®

bertieboy (2019-03-02)

Larger font on country, found in Spain

Michael (2016-08-19)

Found today in Latvia

Michael (2016-02-17)

OK, 4 collectors think, this is a misprint or just a test label. So it is now REJECTED to be a valid banana label.

Michael (2016-02-08)

Max told me today, that some companies are using TEST labels to find out, if they can easy put on bananas. These test labes sometimes differ in the color, to indicate, they are TEST labels. This red ROSY labels is one if this TEST labels.

One can say, if it is stuck on a banana, it is by definition a banana sticker. However this labels are for me something completely different. But at least, this explains to me, why we have so many strange colored labels in the past.

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