Artes 2018: World Cup Russia, Set II

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  • Banana Company


June 2018


November 2018


michael (2018-09-18)

Yes, you found a mistake. In this set are 18 stickers. The second scan from Elvis is correct.

Zabava (2018-09-18)

Why 21 stickers are shown in the set? I see here 3 repeated stickers, and in a set of 18 unique stickers.

michael (2018-06-14)

Thank you Leonid, this answer does help me a lot!

llecha (2018-06-14)

have not seen them yet though the cup is about to start :(

lavabb (2018-06-13)

Hi, Michael! You have asked: Who can certify this set to be intended to stick on bananas? Here is my answer.
"Artes" is a well-known brand in my country, owned by group of Russian companies - SPC, SoyuzPromContract (please, visit, headquartered in the Moscow region. SPC specializes in importing two products only: bananas from Ecuador, which are sold (mainly in Russia) under the brand name "SPC Artes", and apples from Azerbaijan, which are sold under the brand "Gusar".
Thus, if you see stickers with the brand "SPC Artes", then you can be absolutely sure that these are banana stickers.

michael (2018-06-12)

Because they can also stick them on melons or avocados or any other fruit ..

PETER NIESSEN (2018-06-12)

I habe seen pics of rolls with these labels. Why should they print labels, if they are not pretended to stick on

michael (2018-06-12)

Who can certify this set to be inteded to stick on bananas?

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