Chiquita: 2013 - PreCure

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  • Structure Element

PRECURE (プリキュア): PRETTY-CURE ALL STARS.  The girls are referred to as "Characters" and the creatures are "Fairies"

Spring Festival 2015: A total of 109 distinct seal types are produced, which feature 40 human characters and 29 fairy companions from the series. The human characters have two distinct designs, leading to a total 109 seal types.

About the GOLD Labels: "I learned something very interesting which explains a lot about the Philippine bananas sold in Japan. The plain labels, both for Precure and for the DM Minions, are from "Lowland Bananas" which are the cheapest sold by Unifrutti in Japan.  The red border labels are "Midland Bananas" which are grown over 350 meters ( have never seen this category on fruit before, but did  get a bag label from Masao for this type a few years ago).  The fancy gold bar Japanese text labels, our favorite, are from "Highland Bananas" grown from 600-850 meters, and much more costly (they take longer to grow and mature, and supposedly taste better). That explains why they were so darn hard to find in the stores -- they are a costly speciality banana.  It makes sense they also put those labels on the bananas in Japan, since the "Highland Bananas" were often in smaller bags, with fewer bananas, but each bag did have a label in it.  That's not the way they pack bananas on the farms in the Philippines.

I also noticed that the plain Minions are much smaller than their counterparts in the U.S. and Europe."



April 2015


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