Chiquita: 2013 - Despicable Me / DM2 - Sets 1 & 2

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There are many sets of the Minions. In this catalog entry you find the labels of the movie "Despicable Me 2" which you find as an URL on top of the most labels: CHIQUITA.COM/DM2. The labels with the Minions URL are in a separte catalog entry.

There are in principle 3 different sets from each country of origin.

  1. At the first print, no label has a #4011 (28 labels)
  2. At the second print, some labels have a #4011 (28 labels)
  3. At the second print published some month later, PLU set is enhanced with additional 14 new characters. So this set is larger and has 42 labels

The set with the additional characters use a different font for the URL mentioned above. So you can assign the labels with the same (old) characters to the correct set depending on #4011 and the font of the URL. The ∅ set without any country information is (most likely) from Panama and/or Costa Rica.

To promote Despicable Me 2, Chiquita Banana created more than one billion stickers for their bananas.


May 2024
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