The Catalog is NOT for free

The Catalog is NOT for free

When we started the catalog, I rented a small environment of computers to use it with this content management system. I was suprised when the catalog and the number of collectors was growing that we need a much more professional technical infrastructure. Something you can't operate by yourself.

The Catalog needs Cooperation

In the last 5 years we have added 22,719 labels to the catalog. We merged all known collections into this catalog and added all new labels issued during this time. 61% of this work was done by me, 25% by Peter and then Nico is following by 5%. That means 91% of this task was done by only three collectors.

The Catalog Cost Money Each Month

We are talking now many month about how to share the cost and how to keep the catalog up to date. I have many positive reactions about the catalog and many collectors are adding their labels and trade. But there are so far only 4 collectors who help in the cost and there is still a financial gap of 520€ each year.

Keep the Catalog up to date

Action is required

To keep the catalog up to date is a lot of work. Some of us help in this task, because they know that a common catalog of all know banana labels is absolutly necessary. Having now more then 32,000 labels it needs such a place to maintain the huge collection area.

The 1:1 Trade meets the Trade Value

The End of the 1:1 Trade

Once upon a time, in the age before the internet, I started collecting banana labels. I always thought I'm alone in the world and keept nearly no labels to trade from the bananas I've eaten. But I did.This labels are my SPECIAL TRADE labels and real gems. Now, due the internet I found many, many collectors and like to trade.