How is this site used in 2017?

From a User Experience perspective, users are indeed people. But in the world of web analytics, users are not people. They’re cookies. So before we can understand the User metric, we need to understand cookies. Cookies are literally speaking very small plain text files. They are essential for a lot of things going on online.

Maak mit!

Disse Siet is van un för Sammlers van Bananenobklebers van de ganze Welt maakt wurrn. Wi wüllt weeten, wat dat för Opklebeers geben deit un wecke wi tuuschen köönt. Wi hebbt blots goode Opklebers, de ok echt sünd.

Banana Label Types

Banana labels stick on bananas and that's our definition of banana labels. But when you look around in the supermarkets of the world, you will see different kind of banana labels. You can find for example wrappers to keep several bananas togehter.

Wat wi all tosamen hebbt

Wi wüllt dat Weeten över de Bananenopklebers tohoop sammeln un wieter geben. Dorför hebbt wi disse Siet makt. Du kanns geern de Opklebers de fehlt dorto geven dormit wi ok alles tosamen hebbt. Segg us alles wat du över de Opklebers oder de Bananen weeten deist. Un denn kanns ok diene duppelten Opklebers tuuschen gegen Nee'e.

Laser labels for sustainable banana production

Compagnie Fruitière labels its "SCB Naturally Labelled Organic Bananas" using a method to durably label fresh produce, replacing paper labels. The eco-friendly technique involves applying an indelible mark directly onto the banana peel.