Old collector considering to revive his collection


I accidentally came across an article about Becky's 21,000-big banana sticker collection and was reminded about how fun it was to collect when I was active some 20 years ago, including arranging a banana sticker get-together in Copenhagen, Denmark tat coincided with Gerri Lorenzo and her husband being in Denmark.

Then I found this site, and I can see a lot of the 'old pals' are members so hey, I want to be here too! It's been a while, I haven't played with my stickers for almost 20 years but the funny thing is, even if I haven't been actively collecting for all those years I still examine the stickers I see on bananas every single time I am in a supermarket. And people I don't even know I know occasionally give me banana stickers they have collected on travels - of course none of these get lost, I probably should sort my collection again....one of these days....I have some 2,700 stickers which used to be a very large collection but I can see so many of you guys now have many more.

Anyway, I really just wanted to say 'hi' to my old sticker collecting friends, and 'hello' maybe to some new ones, I am really happy to see that apparently, this hobby is still thriving...