Feedback on Trades

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Am I alone in not getting any feedback on trades. I send some collectors labels and then never recieve any back. I can accept that some letters go astray, but not every time with some of them Then sometime later they appear in their list as "I have"

It is a pity these few collectors can not be named and shamed, they betray the trust most  collectors have.

from now on they can send first

I guess this is the best

I guess this is the best solution to let collectors send first next time. I wrote an article about things that can go wrong when trading banana labels last week and what I suggested was to send fotos of what is in the mail.

Do we really want to rate collectors about the quality of the labels, time to send the labels, balanced choice of labels or other topics with a 5-star rating? We are a small community of collectors and to give a public feedback of the actors like eBay is doing is, would be not be my first idea.

I stand corrected.

@ Michael

I stand corrected.

The aim of my comment was to get a reaction from those who do not follow the time honoured trading.

I have no wish to name or rate them, here or elsewhere as they will know who I mean, as for the comment that I should inform the other party to which labels I would be sending, I do as you know.

Please note that I have issues with only a few and I will continue to trade with the friends I trust.


I don't trade much, less than

I don't trade much, less than 20 times in total, but there were no cases when I did not get labels in return.

If it bothers you always can ask for this tracking number that allows to watch how your partner's letter goes etc