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Wo de her kummt: 

  • Ecuador


  • Ut Papier


  • Witt, Swart, Geel, Blau





Dat Thema: 

  • Banana Figure, Sport

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Feb 2022


Hi Piero, I would say this is

Hi Piero, I would say this is not really a variant. Only the 'gray' colour is printed a little bit slipped, but in the end it is the same label. Should we delete it?

These are really new stickers

Hi, Michael. I think it's something else. The new stickers have rounded corners, and the old ones have sharp corners. This difference is also on the set of stickers with the Winter Olympic Games. I think this is also due to the different country of origin of the stickers. Almost all the stickers of this set that I have are also with rounded corners, as Piero added them. I didn't think much of it before.

But it's still worth waiting for Piero's response.

Ahh, yes. You are absolutly

Ahh, yes. You are absolutly right, Alex. In the winter set we also have the two sets with round and sharp corners. The sharp ones are from my friend Yogui in Costa Rica. So I will add the county flags. The round ones are from EC and the other set from CR. Very good Alex, glad you have seen it.