Organic: Rectangular Labels

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October 2018


October 2018


michael (2023-11-28)

This PE labels are from the 'Wholesale Market Fruit No. 2' in Lima. In the gallery are pictures of this market: This market is not for end customers but for resellers and the homemade labels are used only on few bananas shown at the desk. All the bananas they sell do not have any labels.

So it is quite a special kind of banana labels ...

michael (2020-10-17)

I changed the label type to 'Promo'. This are 'homemade' labels from the 'Fruit Marked No. 2' in Lima and not for end customers but for resellers. The labels are only used in the showroom for few bananas and are not added to the bananas they sell. Check the gallery to see pictures of this marked.

zantrost (2020-10-16)

I see. I found photos of these bananas on facebook page of one fruit shop. Possibly some of fruit shops also use them, or already got labeled bananas from wholesale.

zantrost (2019-05-12)

Not sure in which entry to put this sticker. It was found in Belgrade direct on organic bananas, but also on packed biologic fruits and vegetables. It is official serbian certificate for organic products.

michael (2019-02-14)

Also this three 'organico' labels are also from the fruit market in Peru, but not inteded for customers but for the dealers.

Michael (2017-03-09)

Found today at supermarket ALNATURA on bananas. No further information about the brand.

bananacarril (2015-05-02)

Seen many times on bananas and other fruit - common for a number of years.

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