Turbana: Shield

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Brand Classification: 

  • Banana Company


Abril 2018


PETER NIESSEN (2020-12-28)

Yellow displaced down. COLOMBIA with fine dots.

Ferrin (2020-04-13)

The registration of the trademark is clearly binding on us. This is probably only in red.
I have been working with trademark registrations since 1970 in other collector fields.

If it was used for bananas in blue (which I confirm and fully agree - I have it in 3 color variations, I have 2 shades and duplicate), then it was a mistake.

The label clearly belong to the catalog. Also include collections! It is quite common BL.

michael (2020-04-12)

@Ferrin: (Again) when serious collectors like John Kirchner certify a label by 100% (5✓) then please to not REJECT it or set it to TRIAL. Before you change the status of a banana labels to something else, please check who has verified the label. Would you?

Ferrin (2020-04-11)

Blue is not the color of "Turbana", just as red is not the color of "Chiquity" ...

Ferrin (2020-04-11)

Blue is not the color of "Turbana", just as red is not the color of "Chiquity" ...

PETER NIESSEN (2017-04-13)

Different position of the ®

bananacarril (2015-05-17)

Collected dark blue Turbana labels like this on bananas in the 1970's. A retired banana grower and exec has multiple copies of them in his collection, and there are variants as well.

bananacarril (2015-05-02)

Why are these doubted? Uniban had a number of color variants, these included

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