What Makes The Catalog Good

What Makes The Catalog Good

Banana labels molded by times, aestetic reality, states of happyness. Our catalog to document all the gems is unique in conception and well executed. We work with clear intention, unwavering dedication, patience and perseverance. And pictures are critically important. A picture of a banana label has to be something that engages you, on one of a million levels, in person, and establishes a memory that remains positive. A picture is a moment in time.

But after all the time there are still so many blurry pictures out of focus. Compressed and color reduced down to a few bytes. Crooked, shifted and cut off. White labels with white background. AHHHHHHRGHHHH, I'm in so much pain.

Some catalog entries really look like a mess. Why is it so difficult to learn how to scan banana labels in 300dpi, having a yellow back ground paper and crop them to the size of 300px × 405px? Devotion to stickers looks different. Please LEARN to scan banana labels, it takes only in maximum 60 minutes to know how to have good results. Is that too much?




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Feb 2021