What to collect?

Bild des Benutzers llecha


After adding/marking all my labels in the catalog I found that no way I can get most of the labels presented here, it can't be a goal. I still can keep collecting the labels I meet, but there's this exchange option here. And I have some duplicates. So I can get something, but what?

So probably I should choose an addition criteria of the labels I'd like to have.

It could be a brandname, a country, a year of issue. Maybe these special russians editions. I also think about those I like most.

I wanna know, do you have some kind of   characteristic/specification/criteria of the labels you collect?


All kind of banana labels.

All kind of banana labels. But with low prio the boxlabels, wrappers or bag/packlabels.

Some collectors collect Chiq or focus on labels from CR. So, that's collecting ...

oh, shit, too many

oh, shit, too many

all my exchange pool has got less than 100 labels

yeah, RFA is huge also (( do like this frog